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A²-consultancy is a consultancy firm specialized in consultancy/analysis/project lead within investment banks. A²-consultancy is owned by Arnoud Albada. Since he wants to focus on his activities as a consultant A²-consultancy does not have any employees. Because of the many years of experience in this field A²-consultancy has a broad network of business parnters that will work through or on behalf of A²-consultancy. These business partners work with the same high standards.


A² represent the initials of the sole owner of A²-consultancy Arnoud Albada. After working for different companies within the financial industry for 10 years Arnoud decided to go solo in the beginning of 2010.

Already during his study Arnoud Albada worked for a financial institution, except during some side steps Arnoud has always worked for investment banks or companies within the financial industry.

After working as private banking assitant, Arnoud started working as a trader foreign exchanges. When he finished his first study Arnoud worked as a floorbroker for two years. Also during his study business adminstration Arnoud kept working for a bank. After his second study Arnoud started working as a consultant and has been doing ever since.

As a consultant/business analist/project lead Arnoud has experience in the following areas:

Collateral Securities lending
Custody Derivatives
Data conversion Test management
Equities Treasury
Reporting Data management

In the last 5 years the consultancy assignments have mainly been related to the selection and implementation of (parts of) portfoliomanagement sollutions. Main vendors in these implementations have been Sophis and SimCorp.










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